Emmy Winner Predictions: The Big 3


My final Emmy winner predictions include the ‘big 3’ categories:

  • Outstanding Drama Series
  • Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Outstanding Limited Series

Previous posts on Emmy winner predictions include the writing & directing categories and the acting categories.

Ready. Set. Go!

Outstanding Drama Series
Better Call Saul
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
Mad Men
Orange is the New Black
Could Win: Better Call Saul, House of Cards, or Mad Men
Our big three possibilities are the perfect example of the ‘new show-esteemed show-ending show’ problem of the Emmys. To be perfectly honest: I have not had time to catch up on Better Call Saul. Between dropping cable and binging on all 9 seasons of The X-Files, it just didn’t happen. That being said, the traditional politics of Emmy distribution indicate that Better Call Saul might have a significant chance. However…
Should Win: Mad Men
IMG_5995This is a no brainer. The show concluded with a standing ovation from most critics and after being in the shadow of Breaking Bad for the last few years it’s time for some Emmy recognition for Mad Men. This entire last season of Mad Men was just beautiful. Matthew Weiner was able to bring the show full circle with thematic elements and plot and crafted an ending that was satisfying and still left room for some ambiguity. Mad Men changed the standards of  cable television consumption and it would be foolish not to take this opportunity to provide the accolades it deserves.

Outstanding Comedy Series
Modern Family
Parks and Recreation
Silicon Valley
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Could Win: Transparent or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
It was during the Golden Globes last year that people freaked out about Transparent, not the Emmy’s, so this would be the first time the show has been eligible to win an Emmy. It’s fairly likely that the Emmys will follow the Globes in their pick because (apparently) the show is legitimately great, and the topic of sex and gender in America is particularly timely. However, it is also a hot time for Netflix at the moment and the critics loved Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I tried the first few episodes and wasn’t head over heels, but it would not surprise me to see that show being recognized.
Should Win: Veep
IMG_5992This is the funniest show on television, hands down. Season four wasn’t the strongest season but the writing is just relentlessly hilarious. I feel like I need to watch every episode a couple of times because I miss half of the lines while I’m laughing at the previous one. It’s brilliantly written and acted. Unfortunately, Veep will not win this category. That’s just the world we live in.

Outstanding Limited Series
American Crime
American Horror Story: Freak Show
The Honorable Woman
Olive Kitteridge
Wolf Hall
Could Win: American Crime
Should Win: American Crime
IMG_5994American Crime wasn’t perfect. To be honest, if it had been broadcast on a cable or premium network I would have been very disappointed in the quality of the final product. However, this show ran on ABC and was one of the most refreshing programs on network television in ages. It was well acted, well written, and well put together. I’d love to see more network television take this approach in the future.

The Emmy’s are live on Fox TONIGHT at 7pm (CT). I will (hopefully) be live-tweeting during the ceremony.


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