DGA Winners are in–with a small surprise

Before we dive into the DGA’s- THE OSCARS ARE JUST TWO WEEKS AWAY. Voting opened on Friday morning and the Academy has until the 17th to finalize their ballots. We’re really hitting the home stretch!


The Directors Guild of America had their annual awards last night. This is the strongest indicator of who will win the Best Director Oscar. I was fairly certain that the highest honor would be going to Richard Linklater for Boyhood, but with a bit of a surprise, Alejandro G. Inarritu won for Birdman. I imagine that the vote was close, so we can’t say that this is a 100% lock for the Oscars but its certainly a good sign. You can find the full list of DGA winners here.


The BAFTA Awards are going to be broadcast in just a few hours. If you’re in the states and you want to watch the actual ceremony you can watch the live stream here or wait until the evening broadcast on BBC America.  I will be posting a live update of the winners here.


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